Lisbon 1-3 December 2021

J.C. Architecture, JCA Living Lab,

Taipei city, Taiwan


Notes from the judges on the winning project

A bottom-up approach to socially, culturally, technologically and environmentally sustainable design. A machine for green living: DIY, low-cost, low-tech yet imaginative in layout, design detail, materials, and innovative in building and environmental technologies; multi-sensory joyful living. Outstanding adaptation and reuse of local heritage. Successful integration of indoors and outdoors on a confined site in a dense urban context. An ongoing laboratory for future living, reinventing, upcycling - a small agent of change with potential to become a pilot for future large-scale schemes. Accommodating a multitude of uses for all sizes and types of families - inclusive design. Transforming dilapidating structures into places for happiness.

JCA Living Lab
JCA Living Lab
JCA Living Lab

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