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The Circle

The Circle is a research and production platform for architecture, art and culture. We develop projects and host events to deepen and share architectural knowledge and practice.

At The Circle we perceive the culture of architecture from a multifaceted perspective and are conscious of the fact that architecture is inseparable from other academic and artistic disciplines. This is why, in addition to developing architectural research projects, we aim to be an open platform for projects, exhibitions and events that bring together culture, arts and architecture.

As we aim to explore and practice the interdisciplinary interactions of architecture, The Circle also hosts exhibitions, panels, seminars, academic lectures, various workshops and stage performances. Our multi-layered, open-ended and multidisciplinary platform is always open to new contributions and ideas.

In tune with its multi-disciplinary structure The Circle brings together architects, designers, artists, academicians and creative people from various other disciplines. The people in The Circle enjoy research and exploration and constitute an open-ended and creative ‘circle’ that expands and evolves continually.

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