Lisbon 1-3 December 2021



EdgeAllies is an ISO certified, global network of engineers, planners, architects, project managers and sustainability consultants that integrate and work together seamlessly. We are strategically located to service the design, engineering and construction needs of the East and West, and our disciplines cohere as a one-stop center  for all of the above. Our teams collaborate across offices, sectors and nations to enable us to deliver the same extraordinary value to all of our clients in all realms of the globe. By sharing our expertise, aptitude and wisdom across the planet, we multiply their effects, resulting in the most architecturally, technologically and environmentally leading-edge projects.

Founded in 2004 by Ahmed Zaidan, and since then, we have planned, designed and engineered airports, hospitals, higher education buildings, diplomatic missions and civic/cultural centers, as well as commercial and private structures. All required the most advanced engineering and technological solutions to meet the needs of not only their clients, but also their occupants, users and employees.

At EdgeAllies, our value proposition is to enrich projects by bring together, in a well managed, highly structured organization, construction and technology experts from around the world tailored specifically to suit each project and clients particular requirements. Our clients therefore receive the best value where it matters most, without paying unnecessarily for high fees.

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