RAI 28 - 30 November 2018



Lixos Natursteinfurnier ( Lixos Natural Stone Veneer ), a subsidiary of Jogerst Steintechnologie GmbH ( Jogerst Stone Technology Ltd. ), has been exclusively engaged in innovative solutions for lightweight structures with wafer – thin stone veneers for many years.

Leading architectural studios worldwide, premium car manufacturers, builders of luxury yachts or internationally renowned designers rely on the material and the craftsmanship & know – how of the Lixos Team.

Processes protected by patents not only guarantee the highest levels of product quality but also provide project exclusivity to planners and designers.

The Lixos portfolio comprises the following applications:

RSG – Real Stone Glass
Façades and Interiors

RSV – Real Stone Veneer
Car and furniture industries

RSC – Real Stone Composite
As flooring and countertops in aircraft, elevators, removable wall claddings, trade fair construction components, etc.

For more information please contact : Rouven Seidler, +49 176 7549 7564

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