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Instituted in 2014, STIR was founded to promote, propagate and foster creativity and innovation in the fields of design, architecture and interactive art in India and across the world. Over the years, STIR has manifested through varying media to facilitate the exchange of ideas, enable collaborations, showcase trends and technology, and create a collective of enthusiasts from different streams of the creative realm.
In 2015, STIR launched its first initiative - mondo*arc india, a content-led and perspective-driven publication that soon become the country’s fastest-growing design journal. It garnered popular acclaim as ‘the well-read design magazine' and enjoyed an unmatched reputation among professionals, students and enthusiasts alike.

The digital arm of STIR is an extension of what STIR has always taken pride in doing –
• Offering exclusively curated, carefully analysed and meticulously presented content.
• A platform that connects industry to professionals.
• A medium that enables collaboration between professionals and allied industry.
• The destination that engages community in dialogues, debates and discourses.
• A platform where community finds products for operational efficiency, merits critical acclaim and generate business opportunities.


For further details, please follow:  LinkedIn: STIRworld Facebook: @STIRworld | Instagram: @stir_world | Twitter: @stir_world | Youtube: STIRworld

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