Lisbon 2 - 4 December 2020



Color has emboldened architecture for centuries and its dramatic effects can be seen globally today.   As the manufacturer of Vanceva® Color PVB Interlayers for laminated glass, Eastman Chemical Company is honored to support the Best Use of Color category at the World Architectural Festival.  We see this event as a wonderful opportunity to celebrate color, meet with colleagues, make new contacts and gain inspiration for future projects.

Innovations in structural integrity, acoustics, thermal performance and aesthetics have enabled glass to become the flexible, desirable option in both architecture and interior design. From curtainwalls to partition walls, staircases and balconies to art installations, Vanceva Color PVB Interlayers have much to offer architects and interior design professionals.  We invite you to visit our Vanceva website to experience the best of color, glass and architecture. 

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